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IPAV-NEW-brancoIPAV-INSTITUTO PADRE ANTÓNIO VIEIRA is a non-profit civic association, recognized as a private social welfare institution (IPSS) and a Non-Governmental Development Organization (NGDO). Its objective being reflection, education and action in the promotion of human dignity, social solidarity, sustainability, development, diversity and dialogue between civilizations/cultures. It acts by developing and managing social innovation projects which provide solutions to unresolved social needs at the national and international level. In particular by supporting children and young people, the family, social/community integration, the protection of citizens in old age, ​people with disabilities and in​ any and all situations where there is need or supporting ​those with reduced means of subsistence.



  • What is a Complex System
  • GovInt Guiné-Bissau
  • Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge: Ubuntu: Part 1
  • Ubuntu project
  • Pontes Vivas
  • Semana Justiça Para Tod@s -  dezembro 2016
  • Conferência Avaliação em Governação Integrada
  • IIIª Conferência Internacional do Fórum GovInt  2017
  • Inauguração do Espaço Passa Sabi
  • GEPE Talks Lisboa 2016
  • GEPE Talks Porto 2016
  • Pontes Mandela 2016
  • Encerramento da 3ª edição da Academia Ubuntu
  • AUGB Impacto Curto
  • Creative Weekend Academia Ubuntu Porto
  • Seminário Aristides de Sousa Mendes
  • Academia Ubuntu - Seminário Ultrapassar Bareiras Vencer Obstáculos
  • Seminário Vidas Ubuntu
  • Encerramento da 1ª edição da Academia Ubuntu Guiné-Bissau (2016)
  • Vidas Ubuntu Lisboa Dezembro
  • Academia Ubuntu - Seminário Música e Liderança
  • Biografia Madre Teresa
  • Maior Empregabilidade | Sessão Job Parties  | Instituto Politécnico de Viana do Castelo
  • Maior Empregabilidade | Sessão Job Parties  | EPROMAT
  • Maior Empregabilidade | Sessão Europass | Escola Profissional de Aveiro
  • Seminário EVERIS de fecho de projetos
  • JusticaParaTodos 2016
  • Conferência Governação Integrada: a experiência internacional - Sessões Paralelas
  • Conferência Governação Integrada: a experiência internacional e desafios para Portugal
  • Projeto
  • Projeto
  • Projeto
  • Projeto
  • Projeto
  • Projeto
  • Maior Empregabilidade | Vitaminas para o Emprego - Associação Salvador
  • Maior Empregabilidade | Sessão Job Parties
  • Vidas Ubuntu Porto - 2015
  • Academia Ubuntu Missed Opportunities
  • Crisanto Rosário  | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Juliana Santos | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Orquídea Pires | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Ana Correia | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Sofia Mexia Alves | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Anizandra Sebastião | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Isaac Sá | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Maíra Diniz | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Raquel Ribeiro | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Ruth Zea | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Elvira Lopes | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Filipa Paiva | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Alfredo Ferreira | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Ana Margarida Goncalves | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Mafalda Gomes | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Inês Vouga | Vidas Ubuntu Porto 2015
  • Justiça Para Tod@s - TSF, Pais & Filhos
  • Maior Empregabilidade | Europass CV Júnior
  • Maior Empregabilidade | Vitaminas para o Emprego
  • Cowork Rumo ao Emprego
  • Academia Ubuntu | GNR além farda 2015
  • Dia Aberto nas Empresas - Spot RTP
  • Conferencia Governacao Integrada Porto
  • Conferência MIES - 1ª fase
  • Academia Ubuntu Teatro Aberto
  • Academia Ubuntu - Construir Pontes
  • Testemunhos Vidas Ubuntu
  • Conferência Parceiros Internacionais Vidas Ubuntu
  • IPAV III Congresso GEPE
  • Art' In Rego, 2015 - Sr. Fausto
  • Workshop Isolamento na Velhice
  • Encontro Nacional “Comissões de Proteção de Crianças e Jovens: Um modelo de Governação Integrada”
  • Semana Justiça para Tod@s - Maio de 2015
  • Gestores Academia Ubuntu Guiné-Bissau
  • Seminário Vidas Ubuntu | Academia Ubuntu Guiné-Bissau
  • Participantes da Academia Ubuntu Guiné-Bissau
  • Semana Justiça para Tod@s maio 2015
  • Impacto da Academia Ubuntu Guiné-Bissau
  • Academia Ubuntu Guiné-Bissau e as Forças Armadas
  • Testemunho Aladje Baldé
  • Testemunho Tiago Soares
  • Testemunho Teresa Forjaz
  • Testemunho Osíris Ferreira
  • WS Mapa Cognitivo da Pessoa em Situação de Sem-abrigo
  • Convite para o Festival da Ponte 2015
  • Academia Ubuntu - Lançamento 3ª edição - Porto 2015
  • Seminário Invictus - 2015
  • Academia Ubuntu - Lancamento da 3ª edição - Lisboa 2015
  • Vera Cordeiro fala sobre a Academia Ubuntu
  • Justiça para Tod@s - Simulação de Casos

Govint EN

Integrated Governance
To support a strategic vision in the dynamics of social innovation by focusing on analysis, reflection and action to solve complex social problems. Mobilizing the state and civil society to develop integrated governance models based on cooperation/partnership, stakeholder participation, effective communication and collaborative leadership, notably by influencing public policy, and supporting and giving visibility to pilot projects for geographically-based integrated governance with a thematic focus or selection of specific recipients, while inspiring cross-sectoral policies on this principle.

    Informal collaborative network to develop a set of initiatives that can help mobilize the Portuguese institutions at various levels, for integrated governance.

    O Nosso Km2

    A community development project which seeks integrated solutions in response to complex social problems. Focused on the parish of Avenidas Novas in Lisbon.


    A research project which aims to uncover and map socially innovative initiatives at the national level, seeking knowledge creation and using a methodology of proximity to local communities.


Participation and Citizenship
Developing a culture of civic participation, in particular amongst young people, in the most diverse areas of society. In areas ranging from environmental to economic to social issues, as well as issues associated with justice, democracy, the construction of Europe, and through these conversations seeking to create new responsible citizens.
    Justiça Para Tod@s

    A project to promote democratic values by emphasizing education for justice and law (in particular human rights, minority rights and non-discrimination) as a fundamental civic tool for the rule of law. Geared towards young people.

    Vidas Ubuntu

    Programme to structure and present, in the first person, the life stories of young people (14-25 years) with particular attention on those coming from vulnerable backgrounds.


    European network composed by four working groups, one per country: France, England, Italy and Portugal. Together they try to answer the question: How to build a successful multicultural society?


Servant Leadership
With the view of empowering future leaders towards an innovative vision of leadership, while serving the common good and the community while paying particular attention to young people from vulnerable backgrounds.
    Academia Ubuntu

    Non-formal education programme for training young people with high leadership potential, from backgrounds of social exclusion and/or with the intention of working on them, with the aim that they may develop projects of social entrepreneurship in the service of the community.

    Academia Ubuntu Rugby

    Training young people in suburban areas of Lisbon through rugby and its sport philosophy, believing that rugby is a way to create core values for life.

    Academia Ubuntu Guiné-Bissau

    Emerging from the experience of the Ubuntu Academy in Portugal, Guinea-Bissau's version sets itself apart by addressing its distinct cultural context, adapting its programme and methodology to local circumstances.


Solidarity Employability
Developing innovative approaches to unemployment, in particular long-term unemployment, through training initiatives, mutual aid between peers and the active search for employment using support ecosystems.

    Self-help groups for Job Search (GEPE) - informal groups of unemployed people who meet weekly with the goal of looking for active employment or creating their own job.

    Coworking Rumo ao Emprego

    Towards Employment - A dynamic programme that combines training with the active search for employment, through the mutual assistance of its members. Daily monitoring by a project manager who specializes in the area of employability

    Maior Empregabilidade

    Project promoting employability, equal opportunities and social inclusion by strengthening soft skills, digital literacy and supporting the introduction of young people into the labour market.


Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Fundação Montepio
Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa
Programa Cidadania Ativa
Programa Cidadania Ativa
Ministério da Solidariedade e da Segurança Social
Ministro Adjunto e do Desenvolvimento Regional
Direção Geral de Reinserção e Serviços Prisionais
Alto Comissariado para as Migrações
Instituto Camões
Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Fundação Serralves
IADE Creative University
Câmara Municipal de Lisboa
Câmara Municipal de Braga
Câmara Municipal do Porto
Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos
Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova de Gaia
Centro de Estudos Judiciários
Abreu Advogados
Associação Aprender e Agir

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